a trusted source of knowledge

There are thousands of paddling technique videos on YouTube and Facebook

The problem is most of them contradict each other or just demonstrate poor technique

You need a trusted single source for your drills and technique to get the best result


Why My Drills and Technique Advice?

I am 12 x winner of the Molokai with countless other race victories around the world spanning a racing career spanning 40 years. 

I've been teaching for more than 20 years and I have seen everything and made all the mistakes. 

If you follow my drills and technique videos I am confident you will improve your paddling and get faster with less effort very quickly.

Don't blindly follow advice from YouTube and Facebook videos, rather follow my tried and tested drills and techniques that I have developed over a long and successful paddling career.

what's included?

More than 30 of my best videos including overhead and front on versions of my drills. Boat and paddle setup videos and my downwind series.

Drill Videos

Overhead, front on views of my best drill videos. Standing in water drills to help you master the most important aspects of good technique.

Boat and Paddle Videos

These will help you get your boat and your paddle setup based on what I've learned in 40 years of trying almost everything.

Downwind Series

My downwind series where I take you on one of my favorite runs and tell you all you need to know about catching runs. keeping on course, and downwind specific tips and tricks.

how does it work?

Step 1

Sign up to my "Premium Video Series" and get instant access to more than 30 videos with your own online account on my training platform.

Step 2

Browse the video library for drills, technique, downwind and boat and paddle setup videos

Step 3

Practice the drills, have more fun and paddle faster than your paddling buddies with less effort

Premium video series just $14.95

Oscar's Premium Video series is only a single payment of $14.95 for lifetime access to more than 30 of my best drill, technique, downwind and boat and paddle setup videos.


I'm Definitely getting stronger and learning to let the boat run. My technique has changed. I cant thank you enough for what I've learnt in the past couple of months.

Karen S

Nelo Summer challenge done. Probably one of my best races due to Oscar’s guidance. I really think the drills and sessions work as they are well thought out.

Willem P

sample drill and tip videos

Shoulder Drill

Correct Paddle Length

Locked Elbow Drill

Core Drill at Default